• The Microtourists

The Update.

We really left everyone hanging and it has been quite a long time since we have provided updates. What have we been up to? Are we alive? Did we ever make it out of the early winter of Montana?

Once we arrived home our lives went right back to “normal.” We began to work again and that has taken up most of our time. Ross has been busy helping with corn and soybean harvest. Tara has been working on an online course that we plan to offer soon and teaching a few yoga classes. Both of us have been enjoying the time spent with family (specifically our adorable nephew, Hudson). While this has been a good month, it is time for us to find a more permanent solution.

We have been busy searching for jobs and a more conventional “stick and brick” housing unit. We had found work in Colorado and were all in to move to Silverthorne in November, however, finding affordable housing that was best for all three of us (yes, obviously Olive too!) proved to be a very difficult task. We scratched those plans and looked north toward Minnesota where we would be closer to family and friends.

Minnesota, specifically east of St. Paul, near the St. Croix River offers us easy access to both city and nature. We have always enjoyed visiting the area and think it will be a good location to pursue both work and play. We are finding it difficult to find that happy medium between a “normal life” and “travel life” but hope that some of the lessons we learned in the last seven months can be carried over.

The biggest lesson we learned from our travels is that life isn’t about the possessions we have or the size of our house. We want to continue spending time together outdoors and taking trips that we both love. If that means having fewer possessions, we are fine with that. We hope to move up to the Minnesota area before Christmas and get settled into the next chapter of our lives.

We will still operate our Instagram regularly and update the blog monthly. We anticipate that the blog will be a mix of life updates and recent areas we have explored. We have thoroughly loved sharing our experiences with you all and want to keep that going.

As of now, we know we need to be “real people” again for a little while. We are keeping our beloved camper, Berry and already are mapping out where we can take him throughout the summer weekends. The travels are nowhere near over, and the Microtourists are still here, they will just look a little different…. At least for the time being...