• The Microtourists

The Redo.

As we travel together across the United States, we are going to need a place to lay our heads. We have tented before, but since we will have no house to go back to we decided that a hard shell travel trailer would be best.  That will give us a dry place to stay and make our meals. A travel trailer will allow us adequate storage for our clothes and outdoor gear.

The first step to living in a camper, is acquiring said camper. What we found was a large, spacious camper, equipped with slide-out, wallpaper and paneling straight out of 1996.  In order to make it livable and not constantly remind us of butterfly clips and wind suits from our childhood, we had to refinish it. Our first step was pretty much  demolishing the inside completely to put our own touch on it.

We took off all the doors and cupboard drawers and gave everything a fresh coat of paint, including the slide-out.  Then we painted all the walls white to brighten it up, and added grey to the kitchen drawers and cupboards. We went with black for all the hinges.  We ripped out all the linoleum flooring and added barn wood print vinyl planking that we thought matched the kitchen well. Then we used rough-cut pine to trim out the entire interior and floor.  We also added concrete counter tops for a more industrial look.

All in all the project took the better part of 3 months, but we are very happy about how it turned out.

However, ½ way through the renovation we came to the conclusion that this camper is just a little too large for us. After calculating how much money we could save downsizing to a smaller camper it just makes sense for us to sell. After all, we are sticking to a budget throughout this trip.  Although we love this 1996 camper, it is just more than we need. We are putting it up for sale in hopes that new owners love it as much as we do. Honestly, it kind of sucks putting this much time and effort into a camper and we are a little attached. But this is one of many of the lessons we will earn along the way during this journey. The search for the perfect camper continues!