• The Microtourists

River Rats.

We have a home! We moved into a small loft on the top floor of an old farmhouse outside the town of Prescott, Wisconsin. Prescott is located just across the St Croix river that forms the northern border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Once the St. Croix hits Prescott, it joins the mighty Mississippi and from here on, relinquishes its name. The loft was listed on Craigslist for less than 24 hours before we found it, we knew almost immediately it would work perfectly for us. We made a call and set up a viewing. Less than two days later we returned with a small trailer full of all the belongings we still possess.

The loft has an open concept with a living room and kitchen combo, heated by a wonderful smelling wood stove. A back hallway leads to three bedrooms and so much space we don’t know what to do with all of it.

This house sits on a hill and from our large picture window on the second floor, we can see the winding road that cuts through the grove of trees heading into town. We are surrounded by farmland and rolling hills, and Olive is a big fan. This house has a history almost as intriguing as our own. Before it was a duplex, it was many things. It started as a sorting post for mail, packages from all over arriving here to be sorted and separated before continuing on their journey. Next, it was a “whore house” most likely receiving packages of an entirely different variety. After that, the house cleaned up its act. It became a rehab center for guests trying to better their lives, it’s possible that some had visited this place before, this time the intentions much different. When that went by the wayside it became a regular old farmhouse house, bought and sold several times before it became the duplex it is today. Upgrades were made several times along the way but if these walls could talk, we would definitely hear some stories. So, I guess, it’s only fitting we have met. What’s next?...more stories I bet.

We have just begun to explore the area and the great thing about winter in the North is that usually, we have the parks to ourselves during the day. There are plenty of parks and outdoor areas for us to explore and more breweries and restaurants than we know what to do with. Tara has started teaching fitness classes at a few different locations and I have been searching for a job in between moving all our stuff and getting ready for the holidays. We returned to our hometown for Christmas and saw many of our wonderful extended family and long lost friends. Our travels were a hot topic of discussion and it allowed us to look back fondly on our summer adventure.

Just because we have "settled" does not mean we are done traveling. We are headed to a cabin in the Northwoods of Minnesota for New Years to reunite with some more long lost friends. The cabin is on the North Shore of Lake Superior and it just so happens to be a very familiar and special spot for us. It was almost six years ago, that we got engaged and started this adventure in the first place. What better place to bring in a new year!