• The Microtourists

Home Reflections.

Home is where the heart is. The dictionary describes that phrase as “your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are.”  For us, that will now be the open road.  We have officially sold our house and most of our belongings.

It was hard at first, while we are beyond excited for the next adventure; our house was special to us. It was the first house we ever owned together, and while cliché, we have more than a few good memories here.  It was the first thing that we could make ours.  The first place we could change and create, paint, landscape, and make our own.  It was the yard we brought Olive home to. Where we sat outside in the June heat and watched her explore as she grew before us from a four-week-old puppy. It’s where we sat on the patio in the back yard, and sipped cold drinks with family and friends in the summer, and the basement where we waited for winter days to pass while burning logs in the fireplace.

It was hard to part with some of our stuff and things that we had created.  Furniture we refinished together in the garage, pictures we found at auctions and hung together on our walls.  While hard at first, it felt liberating the more things we got rid of. It felt good to pass things along to our friends and sell other stuff to strangers, knowing the things we built would continue to be loved by someone else.  The more we got rid of, the more we realized that we weren’t in love with the things, we were in love with the memories, and those won’t be given away.  The furniture, the pictures, the projects, that’s just stuff, it doesn’t define us. What’s important is the time, the memories, and the experience.  Once we came to that realization, we knew for certain we were on the right track.  We are two weeks away from the open road, and our new home, and we CAN’T WAIT!!