• The Microtourists

Go Time.

It is finally time for us to explore the country.  As of Sunday, May 6th we have begun the trek.  In the weeks leading up to this point, we found ourselves thinking of time a lot.  Time to leave something old and familiar, time to move, time to see our family, time to get the camper ready, and now, time to go.  

As we reflected a little bit on that word and what it means, many things come to mind.  You can change almost anything you want about yourself or your situation, if you have time.  You can have more money, or find a new job, or change your looks, but you will never get more time.  Each of us is only given a certain amount, and none of us know how much we will actually have.  Last fall we began to discuss how our time was being spent. We asked each other, how do we want to spendour time?  Our answer was, “with friends, with family, experiencing new things and going places.”  After realizing what we actually wanted we needed to move toward making that a reality, so what was holding us up?

Work, bills, fear of the unknown; all were factors holding us back.  We found that having a house, nice cars and a closet full of clothes was actually stopping us from optimizing time. We realize that some day we may want those things back and it’s possible that we will get caught up in the hustle bustle again sometime in our life. But right now we aren’t.  We are free.  For the next six months we will choose to spend our time together, just the three of us, visiting friends and exploring new places.  We will spend the time we have been given living in the moment.  We will have many more things in our lives, but we will never get more time.  Our time is now and we are ready.