• The Microtourists

Final Preperations.

What a past few couple of days!  A lot has changed in our world, and as we are only ONE WEEK away from hitting the road, we will bring you all up to date on our current state!

We have officially left Brookings, SD.  It has been an emotional change. It really hit us that we were doing this “thing” as we packed our belongings into boxes and spent the final night in our house.  We moved all our belongings that are not coming with us (which is most of them) into the basement of Tara’s parents house. Yes, it’s needless to say that they are very excited to have a pile of dressers and mattresses stacked in their spare bedroom.  Ha! Seriously, though, we are so thankful that we didn’t have to get a storage unit and can keep our belongings at their house.

We still haven’t sold our refinished camper, but as the weather changes to warmer this week, we have some leads.  We will certainly be excited once we have a new owner for that camper and have a little more cash in our pocket so we have a little more money to travel with.  We did buy our home on the road, a much smaller, lighter, Forest River R-Pod. We love it very much and have already started making it home!

We can’t believe we are only one week away! Everyone keeps asking us if we are ready.. heck yea we are! How could you not be excited to live in a small camper with your significant other and 110lb dog for the next six months! ?! Well…when you type it out we guess we understand the concerns being voiced, but we are PUMPED!!