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Fall Feels.

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Growing up in the midwest, fall means the leaves are changing, it’s time for football, and harvest is right around the corner. Fall brings cooler temps, sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice everything. Fall means the end of summer and another cycle coming to a close. Basically, Fall means a lot is changing.

This journey has been really colorful over the last couple weeks. We have been in the North Cascades in Washington watching all the leaves change. We have traded our shorts for pants and pull sweatshirts on over our t-shirts before heading outside. A few mornings it has been too chilly to get out of our sleeping bags. We snuggle in deeper before finding the courage to hop out and fire up the coffee maker. The hikes have been gorgeous and we are feeling rather thankful we have been able to fully take it all in this fall. Usually our autumn months are full of football all weekend and running around trying to get all the last minute outdoor projects done before winter comes. I would be lying if I didn’t say we miss that a little bit, fall has a way of bringing up all those nostalgic feelings.

The trails have become a lot less crowded recently. School is now back in full swing and we hardly see anyone out in the woods during the day. All the families have concluded their summer vacations and have returned to the regular swing of things with school and fall activities. It’s been nice to have it all to ourselves but also a bit lonely. In some spots after hiking for several miles we have stopped to wonder where and exactly how close the nearest person is to us. Ten miles? Twenty? Who knows exactly, it feels that empty out here in the woods. It feels odd, kind of like a fair grounds the week after the fair has left town. All the fun and excitement packed up and moved on, only small remnants exist proving people were here not long ago. Small pieces of trash and footprints stamped in the mud give evidence these trails were crowded and enjoyed by many.

We have also crossed over into Montana this week and it is starting to feel more familiar to us. Gas prices are down, people smile and wave when they don’t know us, and everyone is getting ready for what comes next. Harvest, hunting, football, and winter. We will get to see friends this week. As we roll into Helena, Montana to stay with Jess, another college roommate of Tara’s, for a few days of fun (and hopefully showers). We will then fly back to Sioux Falls for a wedding weekend where there will be more friends, fun, and familiarity. So even though it has been lonely in the woods recently, we won’t be lonely for too long.

As we move fully into fall, those are our feelings. We don’t fully know what is next but it has got to be something. Living through the winter in a camper is something we don’t care to attempt in the North. So what is next for us? Unfortunately, we do not have an answer for that yet although we are getting closer. We will be heading back to Iowa in mid-October to help with farming, and figure out what comes next for our small family. For now, we are excited to spend some time with our family and take advantage of the time back home. Fall brings out that nostalgic feeling, and for us, farming and family time is what seems right this time of year.

With this blog post being later than usual, and with our trip back to South Dakota for the wedding this weekend, we will not post another blog until the following weekend. If you can’t wait that long our guest post for Cusa Tea is up! We would love to have you all check it out! We hope all of you continue to enjoy reading and keeping up with us. If there is anything that you would like to work with us on or you just feel like reaching out, please don’t hesitate, we’d love to hear from you!

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