• The Microtourists

Catching Up.

Its been a few weeks since we updated you on what we are up to. So here are a few highlights from the last two weeks…

We soaked in a little more Pacific coastline, camping on South Beach in Washington for a few days. We could literally open the door to our camper and walk down onto the beach. We were hoping for at least one glorious sunset, but the weather was foggy and misty most of the time so we never really got clear view of the ocean. We did get to check out the beach, but instead of swimsuits we wore coats and sweatpants. We thought summer was over but found out that’s just how the coast is, going inland later in the week we got back into some sunshine.

From there we went to Olympic National Forest but not without a quick stop in Forks, Washington. Forks is home to the Twilight series and after grabbing a map from the visitor center, Tara took us on a grand tour of the town, showing me all the important places in the book. The tour ended with ice cream and I’m not sure the ice cream shop was related to Twilight but it was tasty.

After working our way around the Upper Peninsula of Washington we geared up to host my sister Paige and our friend Megan over Labor Day. We had them a little nervous that they would be in the middle of the woods with no phone service, digging holes to use as a bathroom and hunting animals to eat for meals. That was our original plan but after not being able to find a decent spot to camp in the middle of the dark Washington woods, we ended up staying in a small city park in Quilcene, Washington. I think that worked out best for all of us and we spent the weekend enjoying a few beers and showing them some cool hikes in the area.

One highlight of the weekend was renting a private boat to take us on a tour of Protection Island. It’s now a wildlife sanctuary and we had the opportunity to see seals, bald eagles, and even a few Puffins. The day was perfect for the boat tour with clear skies and sun. We all enjoyed it and it was nice for us to do something we hadn’t yet got to do on this trip.

After dropping Paige and Megan off in Seattle to catch early flights on Tuesday, we headed for Mt. Rainier. We only had two days to find a spot in the area before Becca was coming to visit us again from Portland. Luckily, we found a great little camp in the woods next to a river and a small airstrip that was still active. It was kind of neat when the planes would land and taxi down the small runway.

We did a town day on Wednesday to resupply and spent the morning at a coffee shop answering emails and planning out the next week. Olive and I did some hiking, Tara got to do a little yoga and we both spent some time reading in our hammocks. That evening we drove up to an old fire tower and watched the sun set behind the Cascades to the west. We had to hike the last mile and could see Mt. Rainier tower over everything to the South. It was one of the best sunsets of the trip…no best sunsets of our life!

When Becca arrived we did some hiking and got to step foot on the Pacific Crest Trail once again. The hike was beautiful and we got some really awesome views of Mt. Rainier. There are still a lot of through hikers making their way north toward Canada and we have decided to do another trail magic day next week since we had so much fun the first time!

We bid farewell to Becca on Saturday and made our way toward Leavenworth, Washington, a cute little German themed town, to spend some time in town before heading in the Cascades for more hiking and outdoors next week. This should bring you up to speed on what we have been up to the last two weeks. It’s beautiful here in Washington with all the leaves changing and we are really excited to see what the fall will hold!