• The Microtourists

All In.

We are Ross and Tara Shafrath and a couple of months ago we decided to take a chance, sell everything we own, and tour the country in our camper with our beloved dog, Olive.  We have been working toward getting everything in order but it’s not as easy as just up and leaving. So far we have began preparations to sell our house and prepare for camper living and life on the road. We’ve informed our bosses, and close friends here in Brookings, South Dakota of our plan and set a departure date of May 6th, 2018.  

As we began telling people of our future adventure, we received reactions that ranged from, “That’s awesome, I have always wanted to do something like that!” to “you guys are crazy, there must be something wrong with you.”  Who’s to say both aren’t true, we have decided to find out. The question that follows is always, “Where are you going to go?” We plan to start in Sioux Falls, SD and head through Nebraska, Kansas and into southern Colorado within our first two weeks.  We don’t have a set plan, we just know we want to check out New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah before we slip into California and head up the West coast. We also have quite a few friends who are scattered around these parts of the country that we intend to visit.  

We have decided to call ourselves The Microtourists, because we want to visit the less explored  places in the country. We plan to stop in the small towns and relatively unknown attractions along the way and highlight the unique attributes that makes each community and area unique.  While we do want to see some of our National Parks, we also want to visit the smaller state parks, National Forest land, and cool areas that are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. We hope to be professional vacationers for a while by living responsibly within our means and bring to light some places in this country that anyone can visit.  In order to do that, we plan to stay where we can camp for free or at low cost. We also have decided to stick to locally owned establishments, and only eat out when exploring a town or visiting friends. This will allow us a more engaged experience within each community and save us from the perils of fast food and pointless spending. We are just like you.  Anyone can do this with a little planning and we can show you how.

Like Ron Swanson once said, “Don’t half ass two things, whole ass one thing.” So…here we go, full assing it! We will keep you updated on our instagram page and our blog as to what adventure we are up to next.