Cusa Tea

Cusa Tea is a company we love because they care about outdoor people.  The owner Jim Lamancusa solved the problem of having to carry tea bags while backpacking

to enjoy tea on the trail.  With this single serve

technology, the tea is dehydrated and absorbs

directly into the water, meaning you can leave

the bag at home! This tea tastes great and is a

much healthy option than single serve juice mixes. 


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for 20% off your order and enjoy it hot or cold! 

Here is the link that can help get you there!

Wild Zora

Another company from Colorado, .these guy came out with some delicious and healthy meal options for on the trail.  They ditched a lot of the sodium that comes in other brands and their meals provide you a refreshing taste of natural ingredients, just add water and they are ready to eat. They offer vegan options, breakfast and supper bags, and a meat and veggie bar that will rock your socks off! We really love the Beef Stew and Chicken Curry! 


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Who doesn't love beef jerky?  We aren't messing around when we tell you this is the best we have tried.  This favorite trail snack comes in several options including the traditions bags of jerky and nuggets, the Bully Stick, and The Fatty.  It's hard to not love names like that!  Check out all the different types of jerky the offer and the unique flavor infusions they have come up with. 


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