A comprehensive course full of information to help you gear up for your next long backpacking trip. Whether it’s a couple week in the great outdoors or a thru-hike of the long trails, spending some solid time outdoors in one of the most rewarding experiences you can have… only if you are properly prepared

Thru-Hike Course

Discover what amazing benefits a whole food based supplement can do for you! We rely on Juice Plus+ to bridge the gap of our diet of what we are eating and what we should be eating while on the road. 

Juice Plus+

 Live virtual fitness and yoga classes are offered throughout the week to accommodate everyone's busy schedule. Miss a class?  That's OK!  We offer access to recordings of all our classes for the following month! Fitness Classes taught by experts in the field for anyone anywhere.  

Fly Away Fitness


Meet The Team

Ross Shafrath

Ross loves adventure, if he isn't hiking into the woods, he diving into a swimming hole.

Ross writes our blog, and does the majority of the travel planning including finding campsites and hikes for the group.

Tara Shafrath

Tara is the glue that holds us together. She manages social media and makes sure everyone is eating well. She keeps us moving and makes sure the adventure never dies.

Olive Shafrath

Olive keeps spirits high. She loves unconditionally and always provides us with laughs.  Her love of life and the outdoors are a constant reminder to love the life we have.

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